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Dr. Allan V. Kalueff is an award-winning neuroscientist and educator, authoring over 200 articles, books, book chapters and abstracts in the fields of translational neuroscience, biological psychiatry and neuropsychopharmacology.  He is also an enthusiastic engaging lecturer, who has given over 150 invited talks, guest lectures, seminars, workshops, keynote addresses and plenary/named lectures in over 40 leading research institutions worldwide.

His most recent talks include a Special invited lecture at the 41st Scandinavian Conference on Laboratory Animal Science (Copenhagen, Denmark, May 27, 2011), guest lectures in the University of Zurich (Switzerland, Oct 24, 2011), Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (Zurich, Switzerland, Oct 25, 2011), University of Utrecht and University of Leiden (Netherlands, Oct 26, 2011), Radboud University of Nijmegen (Netherlands, Oct 27, 2011), Leibniz Institute of Neuroscience (Magdeburg, Germany, Oct 28, 2011), University of Wurzburg (Germany, Nov 2, 2011), University of Innsbruck (Austria, Nov 4, 2011), a talk at the International "Anxiety and Depression" Conference (Washington DC, Nov 11, 2011), and invited lectures at the Society for Neuroscience's satellite symposia (Washington DC, Nov 14 and 15, 2011).

If you would like for Dr. Kalueff to organize a workshop/course/seminar, or give a lecture on the topic of his research, please contact him in advance with detailed information about the event, suggested date, length of workshop/lecture and expected audience.